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With a sharp focus on amplifying revenue through Meta and TikTok ads, and our bespoke UGC ad creatives, we deliver best-in-class digital journeys that lead to higher profits, leadership satisfaction, and gives e-com founders the opportunity to exit or hold for higher, more predictable cash flow.

example of ad results
example of ad results
example of ad results

Paid Social Ads

Our first focus is on improving your current paid social efforts. We'll get your Meta ads to work again like it was 2018, then add additional paid channels like TikTok to scale faster. We'll show you:

The top 3 most common mistakes eCom brands make, costing you 5 figures in revenue

How to get paid platforms to do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on what matters most in your business

Which specific angles & concepts you need to look at that can bring your CAC down by up to 37%

A crazy simple step-by-step account structure to scale

We'll also help you increase your AOV & LTV through unique strategies and take a holistic look at scaling your brand.

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example of ad results
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High-Converting UGC & Ad Creatives

Our creative prowess extends beyond traditional ad design; we craft high-converting ad creatives that resonate deeply with audiences.

Coupled with our ability to source compelling UGC on demand via our vetted network of content creators, we create authentic narratives that bolster brand loyalty and engagement.

The best part? It’s fully done for you. You don’t have to manage creators, negotiate with them, write tedious briefs or do any time-consuming work.

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We're the spreadsheet nerds with an ad game stronger than your morning coffee ☕️

Dedicated Landing Pages

We'll help craft goal-oriented landing pages for a distraction-free experience, driving higher conversions and optimizing your digital journey for impactful results. We'll show you:

Why you should be testing 2x more landing pages than you think

How we increased the conversion rate for one of our beauty clients by 71% within the first 6 months of us taking over

How we achieved a 6.7% conversion rate for a high-end accessories brand

The 7 elements of a high-converting product page

How to leverage TikTok Instant Pages to get up to 11x faster load time than a normal page

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example of ad creative
example of ad results

Paid Search Ads

Maximize your new customer acquisition by blending in Google ads. Increase your discoverability and take your retargeting to the next level, further increasing your profits.

Among others, we'll show you how you can maximize your new customer acquisition through branded search retargeting.

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Shields of Strength

From April 2023 to the end of the year, we've helped Shields of Strength get their revenue from the $600k achieved in the previous year, to just over $1M in blended revenue. They achieved a 78% YoY Growth and we helped scale their ad spend from $6k to $80k+/mo in under 7 months.

"We gave TSA a shot and I'm telling you, our web traffic has doubled. Every day when I walk out of here, I walk to shipping, I look at the orders I'm like you've gotta be kidding me. It's finally working. Someone finally knows what they're talking about... Do yourself a favor, and give 'em a shot."

Kenny Vaughan


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