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Launching an Entire New Customer Acquisition Machine From Scratch


The Challenge: Launching from Scratch

Launching in April 2023, Switch Nails faced a daunting challenge: establishing a customer acquisition strategy from the ground up.


Data-Driven Decisions for Rapid Growth

From January to April, they averaged around 23.000 SEK ($2,164.41) in monthly revenue. To achieve our aggressive growth targets, we prioritized profitable scaling by taking a deep dive into their Contribution Margin.

This approach ensured that decisions were based not only on the general insights from ad account data but also carefully adjusted to improve profitability based on Switch Nails' exact financial situation and goals.


Implement a Creative Testing Framework

Creative variety & diversification played a key role in us being able to reach various audience segments.

We discovered that whitelisting partnerships on Meta and spark ads on TikTok have been our top-performing creatives across the board.

This insight led to a surge in partnership ads across Meta & TikTok, constantly fueled by fresh data and iterative learning.

example of ad creative
example of ad creativeexample of ad creative

107% Increase in Blended Revenue in the First 4 Months

16M SEK ($1.5M) in Total Revenue in the First Year


Full-Funnel Strategy Implementation

Our team stepped in to build a full-funnel approach for Switch Nails, focusing on new customer acquisition across paid channels like Meta, TikTok, Google, and retention through email marketing.


Initial Testing Phase (first 4-5 months)

A huge focus on data-driven decisions (based on proper ad account level and profitability targets) and creative diversification led to a 107% increase in Total Blended Revenue.


Black Friday Success

All our efforts have been reflected during the Black Friday period, with over 6M SEK (over $600k) in sitewide revenue, while maintaining a 4.1x Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER), and driving an average Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) of 120 SEK ($12).

At the same time we made sure that all of our advertising efforts contributed positively to their bottom line (their Contribution Margin). 

Fast Execution Leads to Aggressive Growth


All time average ROAS


Increase in total revenue from June to December


Increase in ad spend MoM


An agency that knows how to communicate

ad results

Switch Nails

We have helped Switch Nails launch their entire paid customer acquisition machine completely from scratch.

“We were looking for an agency to launch our brand, that is super good at communicating, is really good at analyzing data, that knows both the Meta and TikTok platforms and that can help us analyze not just the paid side but also the content creation we were doing and TSA has been all that, and then some.”

Hakar Mayi


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