Shields of Strength

At Shields of Strength, our Christian Jewelry is elegantly engraved with God's Word. Each piece is thoughtfully designed in our family-operated Texas studio. Our Dog Tag Collection is where Shields of Strength found its beginnings, and is especially favored among athletes, first responders, and military service members.

Shields of Strength: A Case Study on Strategic Growth and Product Optimization


The Challenge: Identifying and Scaling Winning Products

When we started working with Shields of Strength in April 2023, our immediate challenge was identifying which of their thousands of SKUs could best drive new customer acquisition.


Data-Driven Decisions for Exponential Growth

In 2022, Shields of Strength generated just over $600k in total revenue. Our goal was to significantly boost their blended revenue in 2023, always focusing on profitable scaling.

With detailed insights into their unit economics and contribution margin provided by the Shields of Strength team, we set precise targets for ad accounts to ensure profitable new customer acquisition.


Creative Testing & Seasonal Targeting

We initiated a creative testing framework to quickly identify and iterate on successful ad concepts, aiding aggressive scaling.

This approach, combined with leveraging seasonal trends in specific SKUs, significantly enhanced our marketing effectiveness.

example of ad creative
example of ad creativeexample of ad creative

78% Increase in YoY Blended Revenue

From $6k to $80k+ in Ad Spend in the first 7 months


Making Every Ad Dollar Count

From April to December 2023, Shields of Strength surpassed $1M in Blended Revenue, marking a 78% YoY growth.

Our focus on optimizing the product feed and scaling high-demand products enabled us to maintain a 6-figure monthly Ad Spend in Q4 2023.


Full Funnel Approach

Since the beginning, our team focused on building a full-funnel approach that has constantly helped us drive new customer acquisition at scale, across paid channels like Meta & Google, and retain those customers over time through Klaviyo email marketing.


Significant Performance in Q4

Our efforts culminated in an impressive performance during November and December (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Holiday season).

During this time, our paid customer acquisition and retention efforts drove over $600k in Blended Revenue - 221% increase compared to the same period in 2022 - while making sure that every advertising dollar contributed positively to the bottom line maximizing profitability (i.e. looking at the Contribution Margin).

Full-Funnel Strategy for Holistic Growth

To support this growth, we implemented a full-funnel marketing strategy, focusing on new customer acquisition through targeted ads and retaining existing customers through strategic email marketing campaigns. This comprehensive approach ensured that Shields of Strength not only attracted new customers but also nurtured and retained them, contributing to a sustainable growth trajectory.


Increase in Q4 23 Revenue


Decrease in CPA


All time avg. ROAS


Increase in Email Revenue YoY

ad results

Shields of Strength

From April 2023 to the end of the year, we've helped Shields of Strength get their revenue from the $600k achieved in the previous year, to just over $1M in blended revenue. They achieved a 78% YoY Growth and we helped scale their ad spend from $6k to $80k+/mo in under 7 months.

"We gave TSA a shot and I'm telling you, our web traffic has doubled. Every day when I walk out of here, I walk to shipping, I look at the orders I'm like you've gotta be kidding me. It's finally working. Someone finally knows what they're talking about... Do yourself a favor, and give 'em a shot."

Kenny Vaughan


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