m'Chel Haircare

We create sustainable packaging with safe and effective formulas to provide the highest standard of hair care. It's important to us that we eliminate as much waste as possible which is why our patented designs are reusable, recyclable, and refillable. All our products are made without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals.

Working Together For Over 2 Years, Our Relationship is Stronger Than Ever


The Challenge: Building Everything From the Ground Up

In 2021, the brand lacked a customer acquisition strategy, contrasting sharply with today's advanced advertising scene.

When we came in, we did what we know best: conducted a thorough profitability analysis, established clear customer acquisition goals, and ensured the ad accounts were fully equipped to enhance performance.


New Customer CAC Was Our North Star

Scaling with a cost-effective NCCAC across all paid channels was tough, especially with just one hero product initially.

Our focus was on first-order profitability, considering a 90-day return period for second purchases. We balanced scaling with keeping acquisition costs on target to protect profits.


Content Production Bottleneck

Scaling ad spend quickly revealed a key bottleneck: producing content fast enough to meet the demand for high-volume creative scaling.

Collaborating with m’Chel Haircare, we devised a plan to regularly onboard creators and influencers.

This approach maintained our target acquisition costs and enabled greater scale by diversifying creative concepts and leveraging whitelisting partnerships with these creators.

example of ad creative
example of ad creativeexample of ad creative

200% Increase in Blended Ad Spend YoY

60% Increase in Sitewide Conversion Rate YoY


2023 Was the Most Successful Year Yet

2023 was all about overcoming the challenges from the previous year.

The brand launched new products that led to a stronger customer LTV. We changed and improved the entire creative strategy, introduced new landing pages for additional testing and CVR optimization, and set new targets in terms of growth and profitability.


Ad Spend Increase & Aggressive Scale

All these efforts led to an impressive growth for the brand.

Our team has been able to constantly increase Ad Spend leading to a 200% increase YoY while decreasing New Customer CAC by 27%, and driving 3x more New Customer Revenue compared to the previous year.


Sourcing Content & Scaling Creatives

A key to our 2023 success was investing time in building relationships with creators and influencers, ensuring a continuous content supply to overcome previous bottlenecks.

We now produce around 40 new creative iterations and concepts monthly for use on Meta & TikTok.

Big Plans Moving Forward

From facing scalability challenges and raising acquisition costs to achieving impressive growth. Fueled by a shared commitment to excellence and an unwavering belief in the brand's potential.


Increase in NC-ROAS


Increase in Net Profit


Decrease in NC-CAC



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m'Chel Haircare

m’Chel Haircare launched their new dry shampoo back in October 2021. After working with us for only 3 months, they had already sold out all their inventory. Between March & July 2022 they were able to buy $1M worth of inventory.

“We have been tripling our sales within one month of working with The Social Adz team. We then kept doubling month over month to the point where we ran out of stock twice within 5 months.”

Michelle Kim


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