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How TSA Helped Golf Gamebook Decrease Their Cost Per App Install


High Cost per App Install (CPAI)

Golf Gamebook initially experienced a high cost per app install, indicating inefficiencies in their advertising campaigns and potentially hindering user acquisition.


Challenges in User Acquisition

Before our collaboration, they were facing difficulties in acquiring new users for their app.


High CPMs (Cost Per 1000 Impressions)

Golf Gamebook encountered high CPMs, indicating a potentially inefficient use of their advertising budget for impressions.

example of ad creative
example of ad creativeexample of ad creative

Decrease Their Cost Per App Install

When we started working with Golf Gamebook back in October 2022, there was a lot of initial optimization and testing we had to go through


High Cost per App Install (CPAI)

The optimization and testing process addressed this issue by identifying effective creative angles and concepts, leading to a significant 55% decrease in CPAI from $12.7 to $5.6.


Challenges in User Acquisition

The optimization process resulted in a notable 90% increase in unique app installs, indicating a successful strategy for overcoming their challenges in user acquisition.


High CPMs

The testing and optimization efforts led to a significant 38% decrease in CPMs, demonstrating improved efficiency in reaching the target audience and reducing costs associated with impressions.

CPAI Cut in Half In Just 4 Months

By fully understanding which creative angles & concepts resonated with their target audience, we were able to decrease their CPAI from $12.7 to $5.6 (55% decrease), in just the first 4 months of working together.


More Paying Users


Increase In Unique App Installs


More Ad Spend In The First 4 Months


Decrease In CPMs

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